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Really happy to host this Financial Planning carnival. Read and have success !


Gretchen @ Retired by 40! writes Un-Surprising Costs of Illegal Immigrants. – What are immigrants really costing us

Mom Cents @ Mom Makes Cents writes 15 Ways to Avoid Overdraft Fees – Overdraft fees don’t have to eat away at your finances! This exhaustive list of tips and tricks will keep those pesky fees from hitting your account. Use 1, 2, or a combo of many. Let me know which ones are your favorite!

724Credit @ 724 Credit writes Marriage And Your Credit Score – There are many things that you should know about marriage and how it affects your credit score. There are also many myths out there, and it can be a doozy to figure out what is real and what is not.

Maria @ The Money Principle writes Five useful tips to get the best holiday value for your money – I’ve never thought of us as rich. We are a middle class family, we have above average income and a healthy net worth. But rich we are not.

Alexa @ Single Moms Income writes Amazon FBA: Finding Products to Sell – Even with a whole store of stuff to go through I found it pretty hard to find really profitable products that Amazon themselves weren’t selling.

Larry @ KrantCents writes Are You Tough Enough for Success? – Success is for anybody who is tough enough to withstand the ups and downs!

Natalie @ Debt and The Girl writes Charity Begins At Home – For the past year and half, I have been donating every month to a certain charity that helped women who had been victims of sex slavery.

Justin @ iPlugin writes Apple Was Just Granted a Patent for a Smart Watch – Electronics giant Apple started a new round of rumors when they were granted a patent for a smart watch design.

Aaron @ Aaron Hung writes Paying Off Student Loans? Here’s What You Need to Know – When you consider that nearly 60% of the graduating class of 2011/12 have over $26,000 apiece in student loan debt, you begin to realize the depth of the student loan crisis in the United States.

Marissa @ Thirty Six Months writes 5 Pairs of Sunglasses that Changed the World – Sunglasses started to become fashionable in the 1950s and 1960s, when celebrities such as James Dean, Bob Dylan and Andy Warhol used them to enhance their already cool image.

Sam @ The New Business Blog writes The Top 2 Tips for New Stock Market Investors – If you just decided to start investing in the stock market, you’ve hopefully done a lot of research and homework in order to make sure that you have at least a little bit of an idea about what you’re doing.

Lily @ Paying Debt Down writes What to do if you run out of cash before payday – Many people are finding it difficult to make their money last until they next get paid.

Andrea @ So Over This writes Is the 10% Rule Dead? – Like almost everybody else my age, I grew up hearing ‘put 10% of your paycheck in the bank!’

Lenny @ Best Money Saving Blog writes Planning for Retirement – There are many different definitions of the American Dream, some say it’s a great job and nice house, others say it’s comfortably raising a family, yet my definition varies a bit from those.

Jack @ Money Saving Ethics writes Planning for Retirement? Keep in Mind that it’s Not All About the Money – If you were lucky enough to have been advised to start planning your retirement early, and you did, you’ll know that saving for retirement can take a number of decades.

Danielle @ Saving Without a Budget writes What are the different ways to make money when investing in stocks? – If you’re new to investing in the stock market then it’s possible that you don’t know just how many different ways there are to invest, and make money, in the market.

Oscar @ Money is the Root writes When Should You Start Investing? – Not surprisingly, first-time investors usually have a little bit of anxiety about when the best time is to make their first stock purchase.

Gretchen @ Retired by 40! writes Spent: Looking for Change – a Critical Look at the US Banking System – Have you seen this new short film? What are your thoughts on it?

Mario @ Debt BLAG writes Why blog? Reframing what a blog is in 2014 – I find a post wherein someone says his blog pulls together all the information about him on the web; I explore whether mine tells my story accurately



Jon @ Penny Thots writes How To Double Your Money – Do you want to double your money? There are handfuls of ways to double your money some legal and others not. I present ideas that will help you to double your income.

Jon @ Penny Thots writes 11 Ways To Make Money In College – How do you make money while in College? Getting financially in college can be tough because you’re concentrating more on studies which leaves little time to work and earn money. I share with you tips to earn while still in college.



Anne @ Money Propeller writes Cell Phones are a Luxury, You Don’t Need One – At what point does something go from being a want, to being a need? For most of us in North America (or other parts of the Global North… poor Australia and New Zealand, always left out of the monikers), we are well above the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy.

Jeremy @ m writes Prosper Loans – Review of the Loan Process – If you are hoping to acquire a loan through P2P lending sites like Prosper the process is blessedly simple. Check your Prosper rating, sign up on Prosper, list your loan on prosper, wait for a Response and Settle on Terms with your Lender.



SB @ One Cent at a Time writes My Experience of Mortgage Shopping from Home – This is step by step mortgage loan shopping process that I went through recently. Describing how I prepared for mortgage, how I shopped and what went good and bad.

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