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Top Five Side Hustles That Will Help You Survive Lay-Offs

You’ve just been laid off. That sucks! Now what? Unemployment will only go so far and will eventually go away. So, you need to make money until you get rehired or start your own business. Here are my top five hustles that will help you through.

The First Hustle

This first hustle is not going to make you money, but it is key to your long term success. You need to start networking. Contacting family members and friends is where you start. Ask them who they know so you can contact their acquaintances. Then follow up with your former co-workers and see if you can get contacts from them. You need to expand your network and make sure people are aware of your availability.

An interesting fact is most jobs are found by someone referring someone else. Word of mouth is the most powerful way to find jobs and to get hired. This is especially true if you are involved in a specific industry or trade. People will know about you and can help you out. Never underestimate the power of networking.

The Second Hustle

Review your assets and see if you can sell some stuff. Having a garage sale will get you started, but having your stuff on the driveway week after week will get old. The next step is to graduate to flea markets. It can be a pain transporting your stuff every weekend, but it can be very profitable.

If you have a talent for spotting bargains, you can often purchase items and resale them for a profit. Many people do this for a living, so if you find you enjoy doing this type of business, it could develop into a side project even after you get a job.

Use Craigslist to list some of the larger items and appliances you have to sell. If there is a unique or collectible item, Craigslist may be the best place to sell it. You can screen people by providing a good description and setting a realistic price. You can also purchase items to sell if you see available bargains.

The Third Hustle

Using the internet. If you are not already comfortable with the internet, then start educating yourself now!

In the second hustle, you were selling items directly. By using the internet, you can start selling items on Ebay. I know several people who make good incomes by selling items on Ebay. You do need to invest in a camera to take pictures of the items you sell. You will also need to spend some time going through the Ebay tutorials. They have extensive training. The training will aid in marketing and selling your items.

The Fourth Hustle

Get online and go to your nearest Craigslist site. You can search for odd jobs that fit your specialized skill set. There are also job postings that you can review and see if you are interested in applying.

You can also list your skills and see if anyone wants to hire you on a temporary basis. On the listing from my area, services offered ranged from beauty to writing/editing and included household, skilled/move and automotive.

There is also a category for “Gigs”. Some of the listings included the need for a c++ programmer, a virtual assistant, TV show study. These are short term projects that can get you some money fast.

The Fifth Hustle

Start a business/ find work online. There are many types of businesses you can start online and be able to make some cash. If you have any computer skills or writing skills, you can develop a “Fiverr” gig. There are several websites that you can post something you can do for $5.00. The website takes a commission when you complete the project, but you can make some quick cash if you services are in demand.

The types of “gigs’ range from the Fun and Bizarre – “I will write any message on my lips and take a high res photo for $5”, “I will put your message on my tum tum for $5”. To Graphics & Design – “I will design logo for your website or company for $5”. Other categories include Gifts, Video & Animation, Online Marketing, Writing & Translation, Advertising, Business, Programming & Tech, Music & Audio, Lifestyle and Other.

All you need is some imagination, a computer and a simple skill.

Getting laid off can be devastating. Unfortunately, in this economy, it happens all too often. What is key during this transition period of your life is action and attitude. Taking action, no matter how painful will always have positive results. By taking action you will keep your attitude positive. When looking for employment, having a positive and upbeat attitude is critical.

Remember, the best hustle is taking action, no matter what it is.