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Who is John Border?

Hello and welcome to The Investing Monk!

I am strong believer in long term wealth creation.  To do that all I can say that you need to think like a Monk. Focus and discipline are the two key ingredients to success and money generation in the stock market.

In my professional life I am an automobile engineer. I learnt the stock market lessons the hard way i.e through failures till I read the shareholder letter from Warren Buffett. That set me onto a disciplined and research oriented method of investing in stocks. On the sidelines I also completed my CFA.

I have had a fruitful journey with the stock market and made decent amount of money. I have experienced the recession and the bull markets and have enjoyed them both. I will be sharing my experiences and the lessons learned as this blog grows. I hope to lead you to investing with a long term focus and make good amount of money.

Happy Investing !

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